Shanna Molina, MD

Dr. Molina is a board certified adult psychiatrist and a native Oklahoman. Dr. Molina spent the last 6 years seeing adult psychiatric patients at Integrated Psychiatry in Edmond, Oklahoma. From 2005-2012, she was a psychiatrist for the United States Air Force to include serving the active duty population at Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City and one deployment to Kuwait. As of 1 October 2018, she is part of the Spero Counseling team at the Quarters at Kelley Pointe.  

Dr. Molina provides comprehensive psychiatric services (including evaluation and medication management) for adults between the ages of 18 and 65. She treats a full spectrum of psychiatric concerns to include depressive and anxietydisorders, bipolar disorder, OCD, posttraumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorders, and personality issues.She joins Richard Yokell, MD in forming this new group, Psychiatry at Spero

New patients are welcome. Appointments are available by calling 405-726-8669.

Richard Yokell, MD

While new to Spero, I have lived in Edmond since 2005.  I came on Air Force assignment to Tinker Air Force Base, where I worked until my retirement in 2012 after 24 years of service.  I performed a stint of contract work at Fort Sill for a year, then in a private practice 2013-2018.  I am eager to see how I may be of assistance.

I went to medical school at The Ohio State University, and for my psychiatry residency I attended a combined military/civilian program in Dayton, Ohio, at Wright Patterson AFB / Wright State University.  I had previously been “Board Certified” through the American Board of Medical Specialties, but I purposefully let it expire at the end of 2017 due to rising costs.  I have subsequently attained certification through a new organization: National Board of Physicians and Surgeons, although this entity is not yet recognized in Oklahoma, so I now call myself a “general adult psychiatrist.”  I have had broad trainings and myriad experiences through a long career.  I prefer a collaborative team approach, joining with a patient’s therapist to maximize therapeutic gains.

Having deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months in 2008, I am adept at dealing with military traumas, and I am also comfortable helping individuals who have suffered other types of horrible experiences.  I do not portray myself as a “master psychopharmacologist” or an “expert” in severe mental illness.  Rather, I prefer a minimalist approach, believing therapy is at least as important as medications for reaching full recovery.

Controlled medications such as Adderall or Xanax are hazardous and I do not routinely prescribe them due to concerns for risks of addiction or other problems from these groups of pills. Instead, I favor non-addicting medications such as Strattera or Wellbutrin for adult ADHD, and various non-benzodiazepine medications for anxiety or sleep.  I have worked with numerous patients in finding effective alternatives and in slowly tapering off controlled drugs.  I am also open to discuss opportunities for complementary or alternative treatments such as herbals/supplements.  I firmly endorse “lifestyle modification” rather than fad diets or diet pills.

My faith is important to me; I do not hide that I am Roman Catholic. I am sensitive to any faith background and I often incorporate existential issues and spirituality into discussions, without pushing an agenda.   I have extensive experience working with individuals of a wide range of religions, denominations and spiritual practices, including those who are unsure (agnostic) or who don’t believe (atheist).  I do not judge or chastise patients for their historical situations or past decisions; instead, I strive to find and then actively use a forward-thinking perspective.

I am empaneled for several BlueCross plans and I accept HealthChoice. I have never enrolled to take Medicare, although I do see some individuals using individual Opt-Out contracts.  I am not experienced in dealing with Medicaid/SoonerCare, and I am not trained in custody or parenting evaluations, nor for Disability claims. I have worked with many individuals using other insurances on an out-of-network basis. This means I can accept a discounted payment at time of service, and then provide a copy of the billing statement so patients can seek partial reimbursement from their insurance carrier.  For many patients, this results in out of pocket expenses only slightly more than a routine co-payment.  I am eager to work with those in the flying community (pilots, air traffic controllers, etc.) in accomplishing evaluations to satisfy Federal Aviation Administration assessments and monitoring requirements.

New patients should plan for at least 2 hours for the initial visit; intake paperwork can be downloaded from the website or emailed by office staff for completion prior to the appointment. Followup appointments generally last 30-45 minutes. Appointments can be made by calling 405-726-8669.